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As successful and important as you are, there are some experiences are just beyond your reach. For example, Can you make a call to Coachella a week before the event and acquire VIP passes? Passes that have been sold out for months.  Do you have a tax, accounting and law service that handles the intricate details of your personal and family wealth? Do you have a person in your life that know exactly what you want even when you do not.

Our Lifestyle Providers are certified to have the gift of anticipation. They understand what you want and need before you do. They are trained to be excellent communicators and equipt with the ability to handle situations that arises no matter the size.

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We provide LIFESTYLE solutions!

At Billionaire Lifestyles we understand that time is precious. We deliver best-in-class, personalized lifestyle services that give you and your family more time to focus on what truly matters.

Imagine having your every want and need handled with a word.
Imagine receiving a call every morning from a professional, with a warm, inviting personality and a genuine, authentic disposition, ready to save you time, energy and overall effort from your mundane daily task.
Imagine having teams of professionals with the sole purpose of working for your best interest and protecting your bottom line.
Now imagine, your Lifestyle Provider prepared and connected to networks of the world’s TOP Luxury Providers in Home Automation, Yachet and Jet Charter, CPA Firms, Family Offices, Exclusive ONCE IN A LIFETIME events……


Luxury Home Automation

Our Accounting and Family Office Service providers are registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and are members of the Center for Audit Quality of the AICPA.

Yacht Providers

With 13 offices around the globe, there is nowhere that we cannot reach. We have presence in the Americas and Europe, as well as Asia, covering all corners of the globe.

Family Office Services

When you decide to make an investment in home or commercial automation, your investment will be well chosen, maximized in quality, purpose, and long term support.


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